Traditional Braces will Improve Your Smile

At Prairie Dental Care, you have everything you need to reveal a perfect, straight smile. We are your first destination for traditional braces. By utilizing advanced orthodontic techniques and demonstrating a compassionate approach to treatment, improving your oral health is a simple and stress-free experience. Request a consultation for braces today and start working towards that movie star smile you’ve always wanted. We proudly serve patients of all ages.

Experience, skill, technology—at our office, we are committed to leveraging our expertise to ensure your orthodontic treatment is a success. As your dependable orthodontists, you may count on us to provide accurate and safe treatment, all while guiding you at every step. Whether for yourself or your child, we deliver meaningful care that gets picture-perfect results.

The Advantages of Traditional Braces Treatment

Straight teeth do more than make you more photogenic. It’s a smart investment that will improve your overall dental health. Braces treat a variety of orthodontic problems, including, bad bites, crooked or crowded teeth, and misaligned teeth.

Having a normal bite has many advantages, including:

Better Health Management: Straight teeth are easier to clean, which means that blushing and flossing will be more effective. As a result, you have a lower chance of encountering tooth decay and gum disease.

A Fuller Smile: Teeth that are in alignment are less likely to shift out of place, which will reduce the likelihood of needing dental bridges or restorative dentistry procedures in the future.

Everyday Comfort: A normal bite means that you can eat better and speak more clearly. On top of that, your jaw will feel more comfortable and less stressed out, which will prevent certain complications.

Are you ready to improve your confidence, strengthen your dental care routine, and improve your quality of life? We are here to help your family with all of its orthodontic needs.

A Managed and Seamless Approach to Teeth Straightening

Traditional braces incorporate metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth gradually. We understand: the process sounds intimidating on paper. However, when you undergo treatment at our dentist office, you may feel at ease—we are here for you. Thanks to advances in orthodontic treatment, we facilitate teeth straightening treatment quicker and more comfortably.

Not only that, we serve as your guides throughout the duration of treatment. We will discuss your orthodontic situation clearly, and then plan care based on your needs. Many of our patients get results in around six months—a testament to our precision, results, and your complete satisfaction.

A straight, healthy smile is attainable. Our dentist office uses the latest equipment and technology to make your orthodontic treatment a complete success. Traditional, metal braces are a cost-effective way to attain perfectly aligned teeth. For adults and professionals, we recommend clear braces or invisible aligners — a smart alternative that allows you to straighten your teeth seamlessly.

Contact us and request a consultation to discuss your options for orthodontic treatment. We proudly serve patients throughout Vancouver, WA.