Dental Bridges Improve Your Oral Health

Now is your chance to enjoy a complete smile once again. At Prairie Dental Care, we are your allies in oral health and wellness. With our help, regaining the fit, function, and aesthetic appeal of your teeth is a hassle-free experience. Count on our experienced and compassionate team. We provide restorative dentistry treatments that are tailored specifically to you.

How Dental Bridges Improve Your Health

Missing teeth are a health concern. Gaps in your mouth do more than harm your appearance—they are also damaging in other ways. If you have lost your teeth due to extensive decay, an accident, or aging, then you already know the challenges: loss of confidence, the inability to eat normally, and even difficulty communicating clearly. However, there is a way to have a full set of teeth again.

With dental bridges, you can smile with confidence. These prosthodontic devices are designed to replace a series of missing teeth. For most treatments, patients get a porcelain fixed bridge that is connected by a pair of abutment teeth. These can be your existing, natural teeth or dental crowns supported by implants.

Dental bridges seamlessly take on the fit and function of the missing teeth. As such, they feel like natural teeth, empowering patients to do the things they used to enjoy. If you wish to eat a wider variety of food, smile better, or speak with confidence, then this restorative dentistry procedure is right for you.

Dental bridges provide a high degree of customization as well. The devices that make up the bridge, the pontics, can be crafted in a variety of materials. They include gold and alloys. Indeed, crowns and bridges allow you to pull off a unique aesthetic. Our office, naturally, also offers porcelain bridges for patients who prefer a look that is closer to their original teeth.

The Completely Personalized Approach to Restoration Dentistry

Thanks to advances in the crafting of prosthodontics, getting treatment for missing teeth is faster and more effective than ever. When it’s time to consider dental bridges or implants, let our office be your destination for all of your oral care needs. Thanks to our training, experience, and gentle bedside manner, you are in good hands.

Our team listens to your oral health goals, and we plan and carry out the treatment that covers your needs. We want you to be completely happy with the work we do for you. Therefore, we empower you with the necessary knowledge so you can make smart decisions for your care.

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