Maintain Healthy Teeth with Root Canals

Your teeth are one of the most important features of your mouth. More than a way to show off a beautiful smile, your teeth also help you eat and communicate. When you are facing a major infection, don’t let the pain and discomfort drag you down. Visit Prairie Dental Care and feel better. We provide treatment for root canals in Vancouver, WA. With our trained and skilled team, finding relief from tooth decay and infections is a simple and stress-free experience.

Enjoy compassionate and personalized care. By utilizing advanced technology and equipment along with our proven expertise, our dentists allow you to attain the treatment you need—all without the anxiety. We take the time to address your needs and concerns. As a result, you will recover from your damaged tooth quickly.

Why a Root Canal is an Effective Treatment for Damaged Teeth

The root canal is a section of your tooth that houses the pulp of your tooth, which provides nutrients to the surrounding tissue. The pulp can become infected, damaging the nerves and the gum tissue in the process. It is the infection that causes the most pain and discomfort that is most associated with the procedure meant to treat it. A damaged tooth may warrant an endodontic procedure if:

  • The Tooth Is Badly Decayed
  • The Tooth Is Cracked and Infected
  • Physical Trauma Has Damaged the Tooth
  • Excessive Fillings on the Affected Tooth Make Regular Treatment Unfeasible

When most people think “root canal,” they think of a painful and intensive procedure. Thanks to advances in endodontic care and restorative dentistry that is no longer case. Nowadays, root canal procedures are no different than filling in a cavity—mainly because this treatment is much like getting a filling.

At its core, a root canal treatment, also known as an endodontic procedure, removes the infected pulp of a tooth and prevents the spread of the infection. By sealing the tooth with a specialized filling and covering it with a dental crown, the endodontic procedure will alleviate the pain and inflammation that is affecting you.

Your Trusted Root Canal Specialist

If pain and persistent discomfort in your mouth are affecting your daily life, request an examination from our root canal specialists. We’ll conduct an in-depth examination to determine whether you require treatment. We utilize x-rays and advanced imaging technology to find the cause of your infection.

We are here to help you feel normal and get on with your routine again. If an endodontic procedure is necessary, we will make arrangements to carry out the treatment. With our team, getting a root canal will be as comfortable as possible. We’ll facilitate a measured, careful approach to treatment, ensuring we stop the infection for good.

Contact us to arrange an appointment for root canals. We proudly serve patients throughout Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding area.