Preventive Dental Care for Your Family

Preventive dental care is a critical aspect of overall wellness. At Prairie Dental Care in Vancouver, WA, we understand the importance of being selective about the professionals you trust to provide safe, effective dental care for your family, and we specialize in administering treatment to patients of every age and stage of life.

Why Regular Checkups Matter

Much like going to a physician for routine checkups, visiting a dentist on a regular basis may improve your health and quality of life. While your teeth and gums certainly play a major role in your appearance, their purpose is much more than aesthetic; properly maintained oral health contributes to your ability to eat and speak properly and, according to the American Heart Association, may lower the risks of certain cardiac conditions, as well.

A Complete Dentistry Practice

When you become a patient at Prairie Dental Care, you’re provided with all the tools and resources you need to keep your smile healthy and bright. We take a personalized approach to care, which ensures that each patient receives treatment and support that suits their oral health needs and goals.

Our regular appointments include cleanings, screenings, X-rays, and diagnostic exams, and our dentists provide clear insight into your dental health at each appointment and make recommendations for treatment as needed. Our innovative care offerings include restorative dentistry and orthodontic care.

We believe that it’s important to start building good brushing and flossing habits at a young age, so our dental hygienists take the extra time to show children proper home care techniques to help reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Treatment at Every Stage of Life

Preventive care is the first step to avoiding dental issues that can quickly become painful and costly. If problems do arise, it’s important to treat them as soon as possible. At Prairie Dental Care, we take pride in providing comfortable, quality dental treatments to children and adults alike.

The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Prairie Dental Care is committed to providing you with quality dentistry services for optimal oral health. Contact us today at 360-944-9800 to schedule your preventive dental care appointment.