Preventive Dental Care for Your Whole Family

Your oral health is in good hands when you come to Prairie Dental Care. We are practitioners of preventive dental care. By joining our practice, you and your family will remain on the path to optimal health and wellness. Count on our experienced care team for all of your dental needs.

As a family practice, we understand that you want only the best for your children and loved ones. To that end, we are committed to facilitating dental treatments that keep the best interests of your family in mind. We are well-versed in administering treatment to children and teens. In other words, we are the dentist office that is with patients at every stage of life.

Why Regular Checkups Matter

Your health is an important thing, and it’s worth keeping track of throughout your life. Much like going to a physician for routine checkups, visiting a dentist on a regular basis may improve your health and overall quality of life.

Your teeth and gums do more than set up a picture-perfect smile. They allow you to eat, speak, and establish your appearance. Therefore, it pays to invest in your oral health. By working with a dentist, you can manage your progress, learn about the condition of your dental health, and get the care and attention you need in case something comes up.

A Complete Dentistry Practice

Protect your family from tooth decay, gum disease, and more. By joining our practice, you will give your entire family the tools they need to protect their teeth and gums. We facilitate a completely personalized approach to care, which ensures each patient gets the treatment and support they need to take charge of their health.

We perform regular appointments, which includes cleanings, screening, x-rays, and diagnostic exams. Our dentists can provide a clear insight into your dental health, and—if necessary—make recommendations for treatment. Our practice is fully prepared to perform a variety of procedures, including restorative dentistry and orthodontic care.

On top of that, we empower you with the knowledge and skills to take charge of your health. Our dental hygienists can show you and your children the proper techniques behind brushing and flossing, which will greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. More than a visit, we offer knowledge that works for life.

Treatment at Every Stage of Life

Your continued dental health is our top priority. Therefore, we emphasize preventive care before dental issues become painful, costly, or both. If problems do arise, you can count on us to deliver care that will restore your health and sense of comfort.

Our practice has extensive experience in treating children and teenagers. As a result, we make the dental experience more meaningful and educational.

Contact us to request an appointment for preventive dental care. Our dentist office serves patients throughout Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding area.