Advanced Oral Surgery

Restore your smile at Prairie Dental Care. At our practice, you can meet your oral health goals with confidence. By utilizing advanced equipment and sophisticated technology, our team allows you to smile and live better. Request a consultation for an oral surgical procedure and discover an innovative, compassionate approach to dental care.

Whether the cause of your dental concerns originates from tooth decay or physical trauma from an accident, you can feel at ease at our office. We are a family-oriented practice serving patients of all ages. Thanks to our extensive training, experience, and gentle bedside manner, we will restore your smile.

Improving Your Health through Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a specialty within dentistry that modifies the teeth and jaw bone to improve dental health. In many cases, general dentists recommend surgical intervention in the event of advanced cases, which may include restoring lost teeth or bones, and also intensive treatment of certain ailments.

Our dentist office provides surgical treatment for a variety of cases, such as wisdom teeth removal and the remediation of gum disease. The types of surgery we facilitate include:

Restorative Dentistry: Restore the natural appearance and function of your teeth with our prosthodontic treatments. Our office provides many restorative treatments, including dental implants, crowns, and bridges.

Endodontic Procedures: Advanced tooth decay sometimes requires an aggressive intervention to prevent tissue damage and tooth loss. We facilitate root canal treatments that can save teeth and gums.

Periodontal Treatments: Advanced gum disease destroys the jawbone, leading to tooth loss. Our dentist office provides a variety of periodontal care options that will stop gum loss and offer meaningful avenues to recovery.

Comprehensive Care from Screening to Treatment

Advances in oral surgery have made procedures quicker and more effective. As a full-service dentist office, we provide the resources and assistance you need to make smart decisions regarding your dental health.

Our team of dentists facilitates a collaborative approach to care. Since we also facilitate preventive dentistry, our team can help you identify—and address—potential health complications quickly and thoroughly.

We want you to feel completely at ease at our dental clinic. To that end, our oral surgeon emphasizes personalized, thorough care that prioritizes your needs. We will discuss your oral health carefully and consult with you about treatment options, ensuring you have the information and insight to make smart decisions for your health. It is this honest approach to treatment that has allowed us to help patients live better and smile brighter.

Contact us to request a consultation for oral surgery. We proudly serve patients throughout Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding community.