Clear Braces offer a Seamless Way to Straighten Your Smile

Are you ready to reveal your best possible smile? Take your first step towards straight teeth and healthy gums with Prairie Dental Care. As your provider for orthodontic care, we are your source for clear braces in Vancouver, WA. We utilize the latest methods, along with our proven experience and expertise, to ensure you attain straight teeth easily.

At our dentist office, we are committed to providing clear, decisive results without making compromises on your comfort. Therefore, we use the latest technology to ensure you get seamless and accurate care. Request a consultation today and learn what we can do for you.

The Beauty of Clear Braces and AlignersLarge-Case-Types

Straight teeth will improve your smile and sense of self-confidence. However, orthodontic treatment does more than improve your appearance. With straight teeth, it is easier to maintain proper oral hygiene, which contributes greatly to your health.

However, we understand that braces treatment has social stigmas attached to it. Braces, while useful, can be uncomfortable and prevent patients from leaving their best possible impressions. If appearances are a priority for you or your child, we recommend invisible aligners and clear braces.

Our dentist office offers treatment with both types of seamless teeth straightening options. Below is a basic overview for both options:

Clear Braces: Similar to traditional wire braces, this treatment option uses brackets, wires, and bands that are either colored white or have a clear appearance. Since they look closer to the color of natural teeth, they leave a lower visual impact.

Invisible Aligners: This orthodontic implement is made of strong and clear plastic. There are no wires or brackets, which reduces irritation while upholding a seamless appearance of the patient. Aligners are replaced and adjusted gradually, guiding your teeth into perfect alignment.

Straighten your teeth with confidence at our full-service orthodontic office. Our team will help you design and implement clear braces or invisible aligner treatment that best meets the needs of you or your child. With our compassionate approach to care, a better smile is simple to attain.

clear correct logoPractitioners of the ClearCorrect Clear Aligner System

Our office is proud to offer ClearCorrect. This clear aligner system provides a simple and seamless approach to teeth straightening. With no brackets or wires involved with this treatment, getting perfect teeth has never been easier—or more comfortable. Ask our dentists to learn if ClearCorrect is the smart option for you or your child.

Contact us to request a consultation for clear braces or invisible aligners. Our office is located in Vancouver, WA.